Malcolm Allan, Christchurch

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I am glad I came to see Carl and Calvin when I did.  I had my 1966 Chrysler Valliant fully restored somewhere else, and brought it in to Bromley Auto Services for a WOF and a general check over before I set off on my first big road trip from Christchurch up to Whangamata for the Beach Hop.  Carl discovered my brakes weren’t operating correctly (as the brake shoes had been installed around the wrong way), and worse still, there was oil getting into the water, and water getting into the oil.  The chances of me being able to make the deadline to head up north looked very bleak with only a couple of weeks to go.  Carl worked around the clock, finding parts, swapping parts over and getting the old girl all good to go.  It was like he understood how much this meant to me.  Long story short, we made it to Whangamata and back again without a hitch and since then have taken it to shows all over New Zealand.    I now get the car regularly serviced at Bromley Auto Services because I know that they understand these older cars inside and out.  I also bring my work ute and my wife’s car to them (even though we live on the other side of town) because we know we can trust these guys to get the job done right.  I have always found them to be very friendly and professional.

Graeme Allan, Director, Cladtex Painting Ltd

caldex painting

When our work vans are off the road they are not earning revenue. Carl & Ange are thoroughly aware of this and go out of their way to give us the quickest turnaround time possible. Whether it’s a WOF or a major rebuild we know the team at Bromley Auto will sort it for us.

Carl’s mechanical knowledge recently saved us $20,000.00 on what another workshop had done in a similar situation when my late model diesel 4×4 got filled up with petrol. He got running perfectly and it hasn’t missed a beat since.

I would recommend Bromley Automotive to any individual or company