1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

428 FE Big Block

This car came to us for the first time for a WOF after it had been fully restored elsewhere.  We had to knock it back as none of the tail lights worked.  So we fixed the tail lights up and gave it a WOF, and got talking to the customer about a few other things he wasn’t happy with on the car.  We managed to repair all the oil leaks, repair the seized power steering pump.  We fitted new cam shaft lifters, valve springs, and kick down brackets, fitted a rev limiter and MSD ignition and a new steering column.  We removed the twin electric fans and replaced them with a solid flexi fan and surround to move more air around, and prevent overheating.  The engine got a performance tune to suit the customer’s needs.  We now see this car, along with the customer’s 1966 ‘Hertz’ Shelby Mustang, 2006 ‘Hertz’ Shelby Mustang, and 1965 Fast Back Mustang for regular servicing and WOF!!