1966 AP6 Chrysler Valliant

The Valliant came into us for a warrant of fitness and a general check over after being restored elsewhere.  The customer was driving the car from Christchurch up to the Beach Hop in Whangamata and just wanted to make sure that everything was good to go.  While we were checking the fluid levels we found oil in the water and water in the oil!  We diagnosed the problem to be cracks in the cylinder bores.  With only a couple of weeks to go before the Beach Hop, the job was on!  We managed to locate a second hand engine out in a paddock just out of town.  We got the block machined and fitted all the internals from the original engine into the new block and fitted it all back to the car.  Finally got everything sorted with twelve hour to go before the car had to be on the ferry, bound for the North Island road trip.  Since then we have replaced the headers and supplied some shiny new Cragar wheels and tyres.  And yes, he has been brave enough to come back to us for a WOF again!