1965 XP Falcon Coupe

When the XP came into us, the customer had booked in for a tune up and a brake upgrade.  Before we could even get started on the job, he got really enthusiastic about the whole project.  So he had us pull the motor and gear box out of the car, and strip the car down.  It was and it was whipped out from under our noses and off to the paint shop for a full panel and paint job, changing it from the original red, to charcoal with black stripes.  By the time we got it back, the job had gone from a tune up of the original 200 Pursuit engine to building a 302 Windsor V8 with alloy heads, roller rockers and all sorts of other good gear, coupled up to a re-conditioned C4 transmission.  We modified all the engine mounts and fitted it all up to the car along with an alloy radiator we modified to suit the car. We shortened a late model Falcon limited slip diff, changed the gear ratios and fitted disc brakes to the rear.  We modified the front stubs and fitted disc brakes up to the front as well.    The whole car was then re-wired.  To finish it off, we modified the steering and suspension and fitted a set of 18×7 and 18×8 Boyd Coddington Crown Jewel wheels.  Then it was off for certification.  What a tune up!!