1964 XM Falcon

When Ange saw this car on the side of the road for sale, it was love at first sight!  It was a good thing Carl was away for the weekend or he probably would have talked her out of it.  So ‘Red Betty’ joined our family.  It was in original condition, with only one owner since new, so we wanted to keep it as original as practical.  We removed the engine and fully re-conditioned it, fitted an electronic distributor, and re-conditioned the carburettor.  We removed the old generator and replaced it with an alternator.  Gave it a new clutch and rebuilt the three speed gear box.  The diff got rebuilt and we reconditioned the brakes.  When we had the going and the stopping all sorted, it was time to sort out the look and the ride.  Lowered springs, new shocks, and widening the original rims took care of the ride. The addition of a set of white stripe tyres set off those shiny hub caps.  But then there was the body, with the ever spreading rust issue, so it came time to strip the body down, completely replace the door skins and sills, and tidy up the various other rusty bits.  The mission has been the tailgate, if you know the XM wagon; they have a wind down back window.  The issue we had with this was it would either stay up, when you needed it down, or fall down when you needed it up.  Finally got that sorted so it was off to Steve Allan Auto Refinishers to get a new coat of shiny bright red with a cream roof and the addition of a bit of personality to the interior.  We put some new carpet through the inside and gave her a new windscreen.  Once again, she is a work in progress, but she is a fabulous every day driver that we have driven to shows all around the country from Cromwell to Whangamata for the Beach Hop.